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EP “Qara Ağ”

My first EP “Qara Ağ” is going to be released on 1 September, 2020.

These recordings from the EP have been recorded in 2018 and 2019. Since then, my experimentations with electronic music and production have led me to discover new paths in music making, continuously bringing me to new levels of my own styles. Therefore, upcoming albums will have much different lyrical and musical character. I expect most of the songs to be unexpected, intimate and personal to every listener, as these songs are the manifestations of my energy, thoughts and everchanging learning experience from the sounds and visions of my environment. These songs also led me to re-discover my childhood traumas, heartbroken moments and never forgettable relationships. The songs might be about love, but it’s up to the listener to determine which love it is that I’m singing about.

Coming back to “Qara Ağ”, it IS about love and broken relationships. It definitely has some pop character in it. However, I have no specific intention of choosing genre, style or even singing pattern when I’m making music. It comes as it is, as a flow and is later developed into something new.

Feel free to give me feedback at: hu[at] I really don’t know what to expect from myself as a musician from now on and from you as a listener, so I try not to expect anything. Therefore, your feedback might build new stems in this tree of ALLAHBLUES, as every experience has a certain effect.